May 15 – One Thing

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be and why?

I would remove selfishness. Selfishness is the primary reason that there are bad things in the world. I mean, if you really think about it, everything from a petty argument to world wars begin because someone couldn’t see another person’s point of view.

In my own life, selfishness has caused so much damage. Worrying about protecting myself, focusing on my needs, my wants, my time, my everything, instead of choosing to put others first. All of us have narcissistic tendencies if we are being truly honest with ourselves, and if we could just get rid of them, the world would look completely different.

Could you imagine a world where your spouse was always loving, always trying to do more for you? What about a world where you tried to do everything you could to make your partner happy? How about a world where you were never too preoccupied for your children? Or where your children were happy to share and tried to help each other at all times? How about putting the needs of your clients first above your desire for financial gain? What if those same clients unselfishly looked at what they could give you in return for your products or services? What if employers were truly focused on the needs of their employees? Or employees truly cared about the company, the boss, the success of everyone in their organization? What if political leaders chose to unselfishly advance processes and policies for the good of everyone in their city or state, rather than what filled their pocketbook? What if world leaders were passionate about the good of the entire world rather than trying to maintain power? Can you just imagine it?

I know, I know…. I sound a little like John Lennon right now. But really, wouldn’t it be amazing?

The entire world would look so different if we could all just take our eyes off ourselves, let our ego drift away, and look at life from another perspective.

Today’s question comes with a challenge to you. Today, in everything you do, try to see things from someone else’s perspective. Challenge yourself to live unselfishly for one day. Put down your pride and truly try to find a way to serve the people around you.

Then let me know how it went!

Love you all!

Shannon Joy

About Shannon Joy

I am a single mama with two incredible munchkins. I confuse most people and the deeper you delve into the rabbit hole, the more lost you will become. I play a lot, work a lot, learn a lot, volunteer a lot and tend to do a lot... I love my life. The past few years have been an incredible journey, full of ups and downs. Thankfully, I have made the choice to see challenges as opportunities and it makes me so much stronger than I ever thought possible. I love to write and paint and feel that being creative is my God-given talent. I am so excited to share my life and experiences with you. Although I am a diamond in the rough, I known that I am being chiseled and hewn by experiences and grace and perseverance. I love comments and feedback, so please send a little love when you can. I will always try to respond personally and in a timely fashion.
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4 Responses to May 15 – One Thing

  1. Johnny Cross says:

    I wonder if the world could truly operate if no one anywhere had to give up anything? I mean to propel forward something must always be left behind. I’m trying to wrap my head around the concept of a loss of selfishness overall. Would we all lose the desire to accomplish? I dunno. Someone much smarter than I will have to contemplate that, lol. 😉 Great concept though. Would DEFINATELY be great……

    • Shannon Joy says:

      I think that if we were to lose all selfishness, perhaps we would be motivated by something greater… a desire to help others, a desire to progress our society, a desire to make the world the very best for the people we adore… a true Utopian society. And yes, I am a realist… but I also like to dream. Head in the clouds, feet on the ground. Keeps me stretching. Lol

  2. makupsy says:

    Just 3 things:
    1. This was a beautiful post it made me look at life from a different perspective.
    2. I am one of the most selfish people I know after reading this 😦
    3. The world would be a happier place is half the things you mentioned in the post actually materialised.
    Have a fantastic day ahead 🙂

    • Shannon Joy says:

      Thank you. It’s a practice I am attempting daily. And I think we are all intrinsically selfish, which is why it’s so hard to fight. But I think we can start with the little world we are part of and see how the ripples flow! 😊 Thank you for reading!

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