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Strangely happy

It makes me strangely happy to see that you’ve been silent since August. I know you only write when you’re sad. As much as I adore your tormented posts and the depth of feeling in your words, I will always … Continue reading

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What I know…

It’s challenging. Being right in the middle of life and faced with an incredible number of decisions. Career? Business? Relationship? Kids? Travel? Stability? Or basically any goal or desire that you ruminate upon. You’re in the middle of this maze … Continue reading

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Her Story

This story is for you. 1. She couldn’t believe she was here. Her first apartment completely on her own. Finally finished with college. Great job at a law firm. Working with her best friend to accomplish some goals outside of … Continue reading

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Don’t fall for my flowers, Please fall for my roots. For when Autumn comes, I will still need you. The leaves will change, they’ll turn and fall. I do want to trust That you’ll stay for it all. As seasons … Continue reading

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“The Girl Who Smiles”

Three times yesterday. Three different conversations. Three separate people. “How can you always be in such a good mood? Even with your car accident and now the job thing, it seems like you just have no worries.” “I’m not sure … Continue reading

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There are days when the road is smooth and everything seems to be going exactly as it should. There are days that the kids do their chores without nagging and dinner comes together easily and work is full of interesting, … Continue reading

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-September 12-

Originally posted on My Heart is My Compass:
Steel beams like shoelaces. Twisted, taught, writhing. Struggling, pleading to be unfolded and hammered straight. Begging to have time turned back. Souls hurled at terminal velocity Their descent fueled by pain, anguish,…

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