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Lonely, nah.

Thunder crashes on occasion amidst the steady pitter patter of the rain in the chimney and on the windows. Such a beautiful sound. I’m tucked in bed now, my book still laying beside me, beckoning me to open it again. … Continue reading

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Furious Tears

3:50pm- “Can you meet a little early to get the kids? I have stuff to do.” Never a request I would turn down. I finished up my haircut and headed to our meeting spot. As the kids opened the door, … Continue reading

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When we go into a new year, we tend to have expectations or resolutions or just some hope for what the new year might bring. 2018 was no different for me. I wrote my “Little Big Year” post and determined … Continue reading

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I’m Sorry Self

Big, fat, crocodile tears now. Her voice shook as she gripped my hand a little tighter. “I didn’t think it would matter mom. It’s mine.”

My heart broke a little as I started to explain. “Baby, you have to respect yourself and your property. You have to know how to take care of things. You are just as important as anyone else and you have to treat yourself with as much, if not more, respect than you treat others. You matter. You are valuable. And so are the things you care about. But you have to set that standard and know that first. Do you understand that?” Continue reading

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I had an article published for a non-profit recently.

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Watch “Tears and Rain by James Blunt with lyrics.” on YouTube

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Leaving Home

I’m sorry, but I must leave you now. We’ve been through so much together, seen so much. I’ve come to know you intimately as you’ve repeatedly come into my life coupled with the words “I love you”. Hurt has become … Continue reading

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